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  • Java 85%
  • C 65%
  • HTML/CSS Design 90%
  • SEO 60%
  • PHP 85%
  • Analytics 95%
  • IT Consultency 70%
  • Theme Development 80%

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Education and business

Web Development

Web Development

Want to start a movement, sell a product, share knowledge or make a name for yourslef in a modern world? Well you need a website, and I will make you a product you can call your own.



Analysis (army), Leadership, group management, branding, marketing strategy, education

Stand out

Stand out

Wordpress works, but can be as merciless as a blank sheet of paper to a failing writer. I will give you the tools and knowledge to stand out from the competition



Though my company is compriesed of one person, I am never alone, and you wont be either. From screen photography to screen printing and catering services, if I can't complete your project, I know someone who can. Benefits of working on peoples' sites :)

I am Budd Web Solutions

This is the beginning of my business while I finish my degree

Justin Budd Project Manager

I code therefore I am

Grace Budd Senior Manager

Retired FBI, The Best Grandmother in the WORLD

Dean Budd Content Planner

Knowledgable and experienced, he knows what it takes to make a business succeed

Joann Budd Best Mom

Got life? Thank your mom

Bix Photography Associated LLC

My trustworthy and local professional photography solution.

G.I. Haul Associated Business

My local, veteran owned & operated trash removal solution

Cranberry Catering Associated Business

When I need my parties catered or quick bite to eat, these guys take good care of me

Salim's Associated Business

Neighborhood delicatessen specializing in Middle Eastern/Eastern European/Greek foods.

Sunburst Sportswear Screen Printer

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My New Blogs

I am an Eagle Scout, Veteran and student

Time with God

Even if you don't believe in a higher being, you can still enjoy the worldly benefits.. Hope, positive outlook, joy in suffering to overcome...

Mother taresa, I know God wont give me anything I can't handle, I just wish he didn't trust me so much

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Enpower Yourself

Nullam metus arcu, pharetra eu tempor vel, consectetur nec metus. Praesent malesuada, purus et euismod rutrum, augue nisi facilisis diam, vitae auctor nisl libero nec eros. Vivamus vitae pulvinar augue. Nulla facilisi. Quisque rutrum ante interdum

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Terrarium Hiking

Danielle lets go here some day. Blog about terrarium hiking. Take a jar on a walk through the woods, come back and you have an ecosystem in a jar. (gives you a simple, flexible finishing line. gives you a beatiful souvinear reward to remember your hiking success. GROWING THINGS IS AWESOME :) But be mindful of what you take. I try to follow the boy scouts outdoor code as my guide.

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My Pricing Plans

Free consultation, so don't think twice to reach out to me



  • Responsive Web Design
  • Audience Targeting Strategies
  • Hassle Free Hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • Send


$500/ mo

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Audience Targeting Strategies
  • Hassle Free Hosting
  • Personalized Deign
  • Send


$800/ mo

    All my skills at your disposal
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Micro Interactions
  • Social Engine Optimization
  • Send

My Happy Clients

This is the beginnings of my business (not.. section for my clients.. not my clients below. :p)

Contact Info

I'm Justin Budd a Pittsburgher, Veteran, Eagle Scout, Web Developer and Computer Science Major

  • Pittsburgh PA, 15213

  • buddwebsolutions@gmail.com

  • 412-519-8277