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Grateful for amazing dad. Taught me a lot. Don’t want to sound patronizing but when I was a kid our vacations took us to museams and I cant even count how many times ive been to williamsburg…history. Thank you mom. dad, my sister and i are hard to deal with... Thank you for your unconditional love and support. Im so glad you differentiated yourself during that mixer with jumping out of a plane. Right there I knew this girl had some bawls. As we talking through the night I learned how much you loved the outside, adventure, and puppies.. All good things. ll never forget that you were my cube victum.. I felt I learned a lot aabout you, and It feels like a point where my life started to change for the better. The follow week would probably age me 10 years as we never found the time to sleep.
  • Stiff neck
  • Trusting for mental maturity
  • gratitude does not equal weakness!! Shows appreciation for your consideration and forethought
  • - Reading the game provided insight into a culture! We can learn something interesting from every culture, and I would challenge you to. A taste of culture, gives us the opportunity to decide if we would like to dive back in or not. We don’t need to settle in every culture we experience. (not every culture is equal, but they are all interesting).
  • Watch for just reposting -- nothing original
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Todo List: Today Smart goals

  1. Time with god
  2. Parent plus :: generation fee
  3. insurance - 412 498 4797 Chance Pusateri
  4. Emails
  5. unity
  6. math
  7. water
  8. Comb
  9. build power song list.. routine that leads into work.
  10. gum
  11. look into C color warning errors
  12. $2000 - mamm :: $300 - tony :: $new lease :: 1st month :: last month :: 10 grand :: insurance
  13. Been looking for a mentor, may have found one in you. I feel like a positive happy and blessed. I feel smart, but trapped in college. I really identify with your positive disposition, and your love and excitement for learning. I believe in kaizen, but was still trapped. All I need to do is get a little smarted every day, and I will grow. I have been trying to start my own channel to spread knowledge and inspiration. Smarter every day

Todo List: short term

  1. Get associates degree
  2. GI HAUL: reciept, contract, fonts

Health Care

  1. Eyes
  2. Hernia
  3. Foot
  1. Military
  2. Trump letter
  3. Model: find contributors
  4. Being a ta?
  5. Build cerificate repository
  6. Finish site (make this a smart goal: add a tool into site)
  7. linked in
  8. Handshake profile
  9. Logo ; 2 thoughts - budd crest ; Spider bringing a complex web to a single point
  10. HANGOUTS ?
  11. Team members - credability for all George, dixon, chuck
  12. look into trimming desert rose
  13. Write next years performance review; 5 things you did amazing; 5 things you need to work on
  14. Your damn right im right. I spy (song)
  15. violin songs: country girl, shake it for me
  1. look into study abroad for summer
  2. Dreamweaver alternative
  3. Smart pens? livescribe
  4. Gaming for money - Get MONEY
  5. Get bix review: ; What did you want? ; why did you want a site? experience ; satisfaction
  6. Arduino
  7. The great courses

Home for links

any random links rn



  1. tree house
  2. john morrison online (army guy)
  3. mail chimp (plugin shit)
  4. Instagram and FB advertising

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My favorite instructors

  1. time
  2. aquariums
  3. social
  4. self-improvement
  5. Random: life noggin

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  • "There is alot I dont know about you"
  • Sex is not about finishing the race, its about running it
  • No man is more deaf than the one who will not hear (FIND QUOTES HOME)
  • Name Erasmus: everyone is a fool ; our own idiocies dont have to render us unfit for society ; We were idiots before ; we are idiots now and we will be idiots in the future ; School of life (how to be confident)
  • ATTACK IT (GO TO WAR: long term), EAT THE FROG
  • My dick is the world to you... and the world is yours.. show you the world
  • Deer hunting to dating, takes patients, cant just go out shooting... movie deer urine. outsourced
  • Cmon its like wresteling but with 2 winners
  • Goodmorning >> goodmorninggg >> ill take that as a yes
  • Force feet to the floor
  • Any guy that can drive a car while kissing a pretty girl, is not giving the girl the attention she deserves
  • well cmon then pua
  • Don’t bite my head off (how to respond to over aggression )
  • bowl of m&m 2 poisoned, would you eat from it
  • I believe my wisdom is my happiness..... and my happiness is my wisdom (Only given from God)
  • Problems are why you keep me around right? (Blog note: conversation patterns)
  • "nothing writen is ever wated" - book 352 Practical C
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Shopping List



  1. Milk
  2. Bread
  3. Red Apples
  4. Tomato soup
  5. Lemon Concentrate
  6. Light Bulbs
  7. Ground meat
  8. Ziplock bags


  1. karn pokemon game!
  2. Aquascaping kit
  3. All glass tank
  4. shorter undershirts
  5. aquarium rocks and sticks
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Fashion
  8. Eelagoo micro controller: $12
  9. buy what you need
  10. Plant moisture monitors, $8
  11. Get a pinup
  12. aquarium soil holders
  13. Car


put shit here now/h2>

Money making

  1. Fruit Water Packets

Passive Income

  1. Drop shipping
  2. Photography
  3. php template to switch out ; plug in variables and produce site < 1 day

Web pages

  1. about me
  2. my hobbies
  3. my skills
  4. my classes Teaching
  5. Fashon page
  6. BLOG: its a budds life ehhh ehhh
  7. Page: Phyc home remody page
  8. My other site

Page Ideas

  1. Goal orients content of home page (just one section)
  2. exp conversation practice ; provides a joke and a way to rephrase something and a vocab work
  3. Card for rules of the game
  4. card for personal parking lot: places to put thoughts (tag it and it sorts itself)
  5. Personal mauntras and statements (card: gets bigger, do it, put it back, still in sight on virtual post it board?)
  6. Personal Assistant
  7. Timer 25 min
  8. Journal card, (tag to put in success, graditude, or general)
  9. Power songs
  10. Order of work card, check it off and it goes to success log
  12. Morning page : afternoon page
  13. Table of topics (vote to see whats next)
  14. storyline page
  15. Every page link back To recentering page (after a certain period of time (meditation))
  16. ON EVERY PAGE INCLUDE FROGS: micro interaction... mm tasty! (reenforces positive attitude, tell them that)
  17. PHP/ shell scripting
  18. budd chess
  19. College: udemy course, rewarding, quick, relevent, good style and practice, quick... feels great! learned alot! explored parts of sql and xampp I havent all semster. Im a little shy about asking for help because I have been taught, most of the time unless I was hotter, I better go figure it out on my own... or that there is still an aveniew I can look down more importantly. Dont ask for help because there is always more to reference. Teachers, dont feel like they care, throw you in a room with a text book, say good luck and turn out the light.. How many students feel comfortable asking questions in class?

  20. Steeler Highlights

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I'm Justin Budd a Pittsburgher, Veteran, Eagle Scout, Web Developer and Computer Science Major

  • Pittsburgh PA, 15213


  • 412-519-8277